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A B O U T   M E

Weeelll.. I'm not the most outgoing person, but I think some things I can reveal ;-)

Full Name: Anno Wolf v. Heimburg (The youngest of five Annos in the family, to the best of my knowledge.)
Unique ID in the family: Anno80, AnnoBrü
Nationality: German
Born in: Worms, Germany
Birth date: June 20, 1980


Really Short CV

Language warning: The sites below might not all be available in English. Use The Fish.

  • I was born in 1980 in Worms, Southern Germany (Europe, Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Universe), after 4 years moved to...
  • Brussels, Belgium. I practically grew up there, so I guess I'm half belgian (well, by mind, not by blood).
  • That was followed by a year in Cincinnati, OH, USA. It was quite an experience. You can't believe that two countries, two cultures, can from the outer look be so much alike, yet be so different in reality. Until you've seen it, that is.
  • I then spent two years in the boarding school Louisenlund in Northern Germany. Very nice two years by the way. Hey, if anybody I know from there is reading this, drop me a line! That was followed by...
  • The compulsory ten month of military service with the German Army that I spent in the Netherlands.
  • Now I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe (university site,city site).

That's all, folks! Perhaps, one day, I'll take a heart and write some more.


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