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[June 6, 2006
High quality large format prints of the Heimburg family tree are available to family members for 40€ plus shipping. Mail Dietrich for orders and further info.
[August 14, 2004]
Short write-up of the family reunion in Potsdam available, in German only at this time.
[December 21, 2003]
I recently got an email telling me that there is a Dutch family, the Sinderen, whose Münster, Germany line has essentially the same coat of arms. Also, light may be slowly coming into the Heimburg castle at the Rhine, as there seem to be a family called Ryn (Rhine) who have a very similar coat of arms. Many thanks to Marten for his email. I'll try to investigate that a bit.
[December 08 , 2003]
It has come to my attention that some spammer is using the address simoneuqin@vonheimburg.de as the sender's address in his mails. This address is fake. I do not send spam, and there is no simoneuqin on this server. I assure you I'm as annoyed as you are, since I'm getting all the bounces when the spammer tried to send mail to a wrong address. I'll try to do something about it.
[November 22, 2003]
New photos: Two views from the castle hill. Thanks to Feline for making and sending the photos.
[November 22, 2003]
TheGuestbook.com discontinued their free service. New account at GuestbookDepot.
[May 29, 2002]
The Family Union now has its own email adress, verband@vonheimburg.de. Updated the Family Union page accordingly.
[Feb 7, 2002]
Forgot a few lines 2 days ago, uploaded them now.
[Feb 5, 2002]
More details about the castle in - guess where - "Castle".
[Jan 22, 2002]
The first update in the new year: There is now some detail on the history of the castle in "Castle". Sorry for taking so long to update this site, I had exams, work and a life.
[Dec 12, 2001]
The document of Pastor Rassaur is now (finally) online in "History" to the extent to which I wanted it to be.
[Dec 1, 2001]
More in "History".
[Nov 29, 2001]
The first 200 years (roughly) of Heimburg history are up in - you guessed it - "History". I planned on naming that section "People", but "History" turned out as being more fitting. Decisions, decisions...
[Nov 28, 2001]
I found a second legend about the coat of arms in a document sent to me by Fritz v. Heimburg.
[Nov 27, 2001]
Complete site revamp. The old "History" section has been splitted in "Castle" and "Poeple". Hope you like the new layout.


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