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Thanks go to

  • My parents for their support with information and encouragement,
  • Heino v. Heimburg for allowing me to use the pictures of the crest and the castle he scanned for his website; the details of the castle are taken from two signs and were first put on the web by him, then later translated into english by myself,
  • Fritz v. Heimburg for the embroidery stuff and the write-up by Pastor Rassauer, from where I've got basically all of "History" and the second legend in "Coat of Arms",
  • Feline v. Heimburg for pictures from the Heimburg area today,
  • Burkhart Bubec from whom I have the idea for the layout of this site, and making his creations publicly available,
  • GuestbookDepot for their free guestbook and
  • Add Me! for their free search engine submission service.


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