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F A M I L Y   U N I O N

The Family Union (v. Heimburgscher Familienverband) is the society all the members of the v. Heimburg family belong to (we hope). It organizes a family reunion every 2 years, where the family gathers from all around the world.

Besides looking after the relationships inside the family, it also takes care of things like keeping the family tree updated. Another mission is to try to find out where those v. Heimburgs are that should or could be somewhere on the globe according to the family tree, but are not members.

Some photographs of the family reunions are at Heino's page.



If you wish to contact the v. Heimburgschen Familienverband, please write to verband@vonheimburg.de.

Please bear in mind that this website is in no way an official representation of anyone, except for the author.


F A M I L Y   T R E E

High quality large format prints of the Heimburg family tree are available to family members for 40€ plus shipping. Please contact Dietrich for orders and further info.


F A M I L Y   R E U N I O N S

The Family Union organizes reunions regularly. Some reports of past reunions available below.

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